Offering a Fun, Casual Wine Tasting Experience

If you're looking for a relaxing wine tasting experience, guided by wine producers who know their stuff, look no further than Above the Curve. We offer small group tastings in a variety of settings throughout the property.

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Tasting Room

Reserve a time with one of our wine educators for a delicious, guided tour of our wine selection.

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Riverview Deck

Our deck features a breathtaking view of the Yakima River and is the perfect spot to enjoy wine and nature together.

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Take a stroll through our vineyard and learn about our historic vines and our winemaking process.

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A Passion for Historic Vines

When we took over what is now the Above the Curve Vineyard, it was in rough shape. Anyone with an ounce of sense would have replanted. 

Thankfully, we had more passion than sense! These were among the oldest vines in the Yakima Valley—we couldn't just tear them out. We wanted to preserve the original vines and give them an opportunity to be prolific once more.

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Best of Class - 2021 Old Vine Semillon 2023 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

"Above the Curve Vineyard 2021 Yakima Valley Old Vine Semillon: The back label suggests that this finely layered Semillon be served with shellfish. Bingo! No matter the presentation, from raw oysters even with a biting mignonette to fried shrimp tacos, this Semillon has the nerve, verve, gorgeous sunny fruit and driving acidity to hold its own."

 - Mike Dunne

“Lovely wine, fresh with a little weight, crisp and savory with light citrus, stone fruit, delicate spice, and a creamy note on the medium finish. Delicious. Paired beautifully, with shrimp, rice, ginger, soy, beef, sesame seeds, and cabbage salad. Bravo! I believe there is a lot of life in this vintage. Highly recommend.”

William Pollard

Wild 4 Washington Wine
Reviewing Our 2018 Old Vine Semillon
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